The original idea of this project has been created by searching daily pictures.  Pictures we always see everyday on the Internet, published materials and virtual networks. We sometimes remember them in our visual memory, and sometimes these pictures might not last long in our minds.

Every time I see a picture, I try to imagine myself in it.

When I came up with the basic idea of this project, I decided to look for a picture as the starting point. I searched in hundreds of web pages until I saw this image. A picture which made me shocked; for the first time I could imagine myself in it. I had reached a deadlock which was pleasant to me. This might have been what made me interested. I looked more carefully. At first glance, the texture of the wall represented the tallies of prisoners, but when I noticed the title, I changed all my presuppositions. I tried to imagine myself in it. I saw a blurred and repetitive picture of me; under the light of a flash, in the mist of conflict between life and death. Unlike the general atmosphere of the picture, I had not imagined darkness.

It was then when I started thinking about death and birth. However, a new birth in my family might have affected me; a birth which is the beginning of death to me. 

Looking forward to probing myself about death and birth, I picked up my camera and took a photo of myself. I liked the photo to be full of light, full of flash, but a light which has been suffocated, since gas and suffocation were also in my mind. I came up with the idea of using a lightbox, not with the transparent glass this time, but with the frosted glass, so that it is a representation of the suffocation.

9 Minutes 

Studies show that both the cesarean section to bring the baby out of the mother’s abdomen and choking by gas last 9 minutes.